Quick tips to get stunning peepers!

Tackle Eye Beauty Issues With Celebrity Tricks

Since your eyes are usually the first thing people notice, you want them to look great. Take these simple tricks makeup artists use to ensure red carpet nights aren’t a disaster.

Double Conceal

Taylor Swift may not seem like she has under eye circles and for good reason. She uses the double conceal technique. Start with a concealer shade the same colour as your skin tone to cover the darker tones of the circles. Next, apply a lighter shade under eyes and out across your cheekbones to brighten your eyes. Then set those beauties with a dash of powder and voila you are set to stun the crowds!

Stubborn Lashes

Ever had those pesky stubborn lashes that won’t sit up? Curl those babies upwards with a lash curler to make them look longer and open the eyes. You’ll look alert and beautiful, especially when you add a little mascara.

 Shaping those brows

Ever had brows that wont sit straight? Use a clean mascara wand to brush those brows up and into position. Grab a brow powder or matte eyeshadow and angle brush and lightly build up product to create a natural look to fill out those brows. Always work from middle to tip, and to keep them in place why not try a clear mascara to set them! Works wonders!

Anna xx